Friday, 1 October 2010

Rain - The Cult

Rory says:- On a day of torrential rain up here in the East Midlands, there was a wonderful ray of sunshine thus morning when my old pal Andy McMenemy called. In a week where I have been speaking and challenging others about their commitment and desire to fulfill their dreams and ambitions, it was good to get some encouragement of my own as well in being given a nudge myself on what I am doing and where I am going next.

That's the beauty of knowing someone like Andy... A real energy giver, not taker. He did make me think though and rather than sit back and wait for Sunday's Mablethorpe Marathon to happen, I thought it was time to get another hour in on the mill and take a challenge to a challenge. It did hurt and it was real hard but as Mr. M so rightly says 'Great achievements only come from dedication to task and pure hard work withenthusiasm', just my motto.

There's a lot to live up to here, so I am going to take time out to put this in place and make it real.

Thanks Andy -

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