Tuesday, 12 October 2010

I Can't Decide - Scissor Sisters

Jen says... well I managed only 25 miles on Day 2 before I couldn't breathe:-( I have had a cold for about a week now (it came on properly the day before Survival Of The Fittest last weekend) and it came into its own. I felt like I was having an asthma attack with a loud whooping cough I could have woken the next village with! TYPICAL! All I was worrying about was how on earth my legs would cope with it, and they were the one thing that stood up to the task really well. So much in fact that I felt the urge to hop back on the treadmill for an hour the next day. Not an ounce of stiffness, so I guess good and bad came out of the weekend.

I'm obviously pleased that I can't feel the 75 miles in my legs (and am more confident about Round Rotherham this weekend now), but am gutted I didn't complete the double as it was my first back-to-back test.

On the plus side, my right foot (the 'tea' foot) stood up much better - no blisters to speak of, although have a nice callus forming on my little toe. I won't post any pics as my left foot is very manky indeed - I am about to pull one of the toenails off as it is now blue. I was checking out my feet this morning and 3 of my toenails on my left foot are black (with one of these and another about to fall off), whilst 2 are black on my right foot. So although the toe blistering is much better, I am still not getting any closer to improving the black toenails... hmmmm... any suggestions?!

Hills tomorrow, then rest for Saturday's 50... oh, must just say a big CONGRATULATIONS to my friend Stu (Les Croupiers) for getting a marathon PB in Chicago this Sunday (2:33)... VERY well deserved - nice one:-)

Rory chose the title tonight as it was taking me longer to find a tune than write the blog:-)))

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