Saturday, 9 October 2010

Living on a Prayer - Bon Jovi

Jen says... Well Day One is complete unscathed, I suspect Day Two could be slightly more tricky. I excelled in poor map reading today on a route which a dog could probably navigate. It proved to be only a minor detour thanks to Rory's on the ball route adjustment. I bet he was cursing spending all that time printing off his brilliant maps - sorry Rorz!

I am not really suffering anything major other than my left ankle which was operated on last year started aching during the last 5 miles - I think it was due to the camber. It's pretty achy tonight so hope it doesn't hinder me tomorrow.

Rorz has been BRILLIANT today - always there waiting for us at checkpoints, smiley, encouraging and caring. THANK YOU:-))

I was running with Torkel Skogman who has come over from Sweden for the event. We set off steady and gradually got quicker during the day - by the last couple of miles I was reigning him in - certainly bodes well for his JOGLE next year. It's been a fascinating day hearing all about his life back in Stockholm.

We finished in 8:55:43 and the total distance ended up being 48.53 miles. A great day all round - if tomorrow goes as smoothly I will be VERY happy indeed. Now X-Factor is calling...

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