Thursday, 30 June 2011

Stars on 45 - Stars on 45

My word we've been around the block on this one a lot today! It's caused a real difference of opinion and I think only an episode of The Apprentice where the competitors have to design and build an event in January would get the ULTRArace 45 'hired' or 'fired'. It's an interesting debate!

We do know one thing and that it won't be a double event as a 2 x 45 miler. Our experience of  the last two events is that at that time of the year for the type of competitor demograph we attract it's actually too far/too soon. A single 30 or 40 miler might well be a better, safer option. We'll see over the next few days as we discuss our options further.

I am now off to get boxing gloves and protector to go a few more rounds with 'Slugger Salter' and will report further if I go the distance... what is important is that, as readers of 'ULTRAtalk', you understand our thought process of what races we do/don't do. It's not a simple process - I can tell you.

ATM I am on for a 'Technical Knockout'... we'd love to know what you think.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Show me the Way - Peter Frampton

The good old Derby and Sandiacre Canal Society needs a boot up the backside! Apart from being over £59M short of their £60M target to open 25 miles of the old canal and towpath to the likes of you and me, they aren't making the most of getting us out using it right now... which must be important for it's future development IMO.

Take tonight for instance, Jenny and me on the Tandem using their path on a lovely summer's evening only at every junction, there are now low kerbstones! And if you are a tandem user this is doubly bad as you both have to dismount, move the bike and mount again every few metres. It's really annoying... and not good at all.

Maybe, they just want the canal and the people who want to use the path aren't part of the plan. It's a real shame.

We'll be using another route next time.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Waterfront - Simple Minds

Now I don't want to say I told you so but it's Wimbledon, it's tipping it down and even I would know to keep the roof on Centre Court to keep at least one match going. Why do they employ such numpties that couldn't organise a tennis match in a tournament?

Focus on the simple things rather than all those silly rules I say and there's far too many people in charge, especially the linesmen who can't see as good as that Hawkeye machine. Like most clubs or committees, there are far too many busy bodies.

Couple that with all that screaming the women do when they hit the ball - what a nightmare that is. All I can say is that their partners must wear ear defenders in moments of passion in their very thick bedroom walls.

Tomorrow, well we have our hopes pinned on 'Too slow to Hurry Murray'... that's him out then.

More then...

Monday, 27 June 2011

Heart and Soul - T'Pau

I feel we've created an ultra classic with the ULTRArace.100... if I could bottle how I feel about it... I would take a nip every now and again to ignite my engines when times get low and it's too easy just not to run. People have just been so kind about what happened on June 24-25th 2011...

Jenny reckons it's the pure distance and achievement that make the event... maybe it is but it also has the X Factor as far as I can see - that something that makes it special in ULTRA-marathon terms.

Like I said, I felt the same way about the old MOB. Maybe it's time to rekindle the embers...

More tomorrow... FYI we are still knackered!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Spirit of Man - Chris de Burgh

'There's a fighter inside who will never give up... in the darkest hour the spirit of man comes to life'... Chris de Burgh (and I never thought I'd be quoting him!).

What an event that was. I am emotionally drained today and almost tearful at what happened from Friday at Noon, til' 2104hrs on Saturday. If you weren't there, you won't understand. You had to witness what the runners put themselves thru to get to the end of the race... or as far as they did.

We had it all, GB athletes, club runners, a blind runner and a wheelchair team... oh and it poured. We also had sunshine, tears and celebrations as well as a 40th Birthday Party at the end of the race.

For some it was just a few miles too far... Blind runner, Simon Wheatcroft got to 80 miles, an awesome achievement which will be good grounding to get him to the end next year. Others just found their limit, their own point of defining their own human endurance...

At the finish line though it was all smiles and hugs as one by one the crusaders came home... none more so that the last two runners who came in just after 9pm, when Paul Cartwright running in his late father's memory - power walked across the racecourse with Stuart Porter to the delight of his crew.

ULTRArace was created for days like these... and it reminded me of the old Marathon of Britain days...

Thank you to everyone who took part or helped, you are amazing.

War is Over - John Lennon

Blue skies in Derbyshire today following a good ten hours of event induced sleep.

The last two runners made it in at 2104hrs, a superb effort by both guys in the true spirit of ULTRArunning.

To all of the runners who made it back to Stratford-upon-Avon, we salute you. It was an unbelievable night of terrible running conditions to endure. Even starting this event is a huge undertaking and I must say that we loved meeting everyone who came along - what lovely, lovely runners and supporters. - The Home of ULTRArunning.


Saturday, 25 June 2011

Last 10 to come in...

Well with the finishers nearly all in, sadly we are drawing to the end of this remarkable 24+hrs in one of toughest 100 milers around. Funnily enough after all we have been thru, it's actually sunny here and you wouldn't believe two consecquetive days can have such diverse weather conditions.

This has made the whole experience one to remember... I know I will.

More later...

Beat it - Michael Jackson

And Rob Treadwell wins and takes the course record in 18hrs 37mins and 24seconds... it was such a close thing after 100 miles to beat the record by just 36 seconds but beat it he did. NIce pic of him here with partner Jan at the finish.

Nice one Rob and Congratulations from us all at ULTRArace... - The Home of ULTRArunning.

Course Record ON

Rob Treadwell now leads the field and was thru 90.9 miles in 16hrs and 25ins and with only 9.1 to go looks on to take Terry Conway's 2009 course record.

Go Rob! - The Home of ULTRArunning.

Location:Redhill Bank,Whitchurch,United Kingdom

Big Nine Zero

The Dawn is just breaking here in Alderminster and Chris Carver will be here very shortly. He's now 10 mins ahead of Rob Treadwell but unfortunately for Chris he has missed out the part over Lark Stoke - One of the biggest hills there is.

The runners behind are contending with the dark, rain and fatigue as some of them are getting lost on the route now and they are phoning in to get directions. Good job I know where they are going but they do seem to think I know where they are! - The Home of ULTRArunning.

Top Guys

Leaders are thru 70 miles at 11.55 and 00.44hrs - yes still Chris Carver Leading Rob Treadwell. Twenty miles back and we have last few going thru now. - The Home of ULTRArunning.

Location:Moreton in Marsh

Friday, 24 June 2011


Veronica has been found - in a chip shop in Cheltenham and is on her way here to CP5 by car!

Location:Finally lost


Jenny and I both said you must be daft if you get lost on this route as there are thousands of direction arrows...

Now I'm not saying anything but Veronica Riveria did question that fact and has proved herself far beyond any expectation by being a good FIVE MILES off route... So much so I had to check another map to find Dowdswell.

They now have a lot to catch up...

Bet they follow the arrows now! - The Home if ULTRArunning.


Battle if the Titans - Chris v Rob

If you ever needed to see a battle for the front, then this is it. Both runners look strong, both have crews both have completely different styles of running.

This is going to be fascinating...

- - home of Ireland's M2M ULTRA.

Half way to Paradise - 51.2 Miles

In Farmington, it's still light and the top boys are due here 'bout 2100hrs.

Jenny has a few stragglers back at CP3 and CP4 is getting busier.

Phil Spiers is a casualty as was his car earlier... body work damage on both but cars hip flexors are in better condition than Phil's. Nuff said.

Conditions are getting harder in my opinion as we head towards dusk and there will be more dropping out here I am sure.

Chedworth not Jedwood

The top three are thru 42.2 miles virtually together. The rain hasn't dampened their spirits it seems and I am off to the halfway point to see them turn for home.

- - home of ULTRArunning.

Thirty and still in front - CP3

Jenny is at CP3 and there is a stream of runners going thru now. Bruce is still leading and we are now waiting at the 42.2 mile mark for our first glimpse of the runners since CP 2. The last few runners into there already looking quite tired, I add.

At Chedworth, guess what, it's raining! Lots! Bloody weather...

Flying near Snowshill

Last years dynamic duo, Tom Forman and Phil Spiers have just got to CP2 about 50 mins behind race leader number 49, Bruce Moore.

They are 19th and 20th in the field right now.

It's still good running weather though it's just starting to get colder...

- - home of Ireland's M2M ULTRA.

All thru 2 - Snowshill here we come

What a flyer and it's going to be interesting to see how long this pace lasts. Leaders are Bruce Moore followed by Rob Treadwell and Steve Smith in third.

More from Snowshill...

And they are off - 10 miles and CP1

Well the balloon just about made it in the breezy wind blowing across the Racecourse. 67 people have made it to the start line and already at the five mile point the field was well spread out.

First into CP1 was Bruce Moore who said it was a quick to 20 and then a walk to the finish job for him...

So we'll see eh?

Who will be next?

Start - The Jam

Well it's a beautiful morning at Stratford-upon-Avon Racecourse and I am waiting for the Balloon Boys from Omega Resource to turn up.

It's a bit windy! But not raining... YET at it's scheduled for 1am according to BBC...

- - home of Ireland's M2M ULTRA.

Location:Southern Ln,Stratford-Upon-Avon,United Kingdom

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Run to the Hills - Iron Maiden

Well we're packed and ready for you all tomorrow. 95 people have signed up for the 9bar ULTRArace 100 and it's the third time we have held this extra-ordinary race around 100 miles of the rather vicious Cotswold Hills. I say vicious as they seem to bite when you expect it least, I know that... The hill out of Chipping Campden is one that springs to mind... it's a right nasty.

We are promised some good weather, a hot-air balloon, a team pushing wheelchair athlete Judy Woolfenden MBE and a team of people from Omega Resource Group helping blind runner Simon Wheatcroft around the course... plus some of the best ULTRA-runners from around the UK. 9bar UK ULTRArace Championship Leaders Steve Smith and Trinity Booth are both there hoping to widen their leads at the top of the Men's and Women's leaderboards.

What a race menu!

It's going to be a right tester... and you'll be able to watch it all unfold here on the blog... as it happens.

More from Stratford-upon-Avon Racecourse tomorrow morning...

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

2000 miles - The Pretenders

My word it felt like 2000 miles today as we drove around the '9bar ULTRArace 100' course. It rained of course as it's June in England during Wimbledon but we also had bright sunshine and saw some wonderful houses and countryside along the way.

In short, it's brutal, it's long and totally relentless... all those taking part are taking on a Goliath of an ULTRA.

We will endeavour to blog here during the race and report on the action, as it happens so bookmark this blog for the weekend...

More tomorrow... on the build up for the race. We already have a blind runner, wheelchair athlete and a hot-air balloon at the start, whatever next...

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Days - Television

Two days into my new regime and I feel knackered.

I've done a couple of Tandem rides with 'The Duracell Jenny'  an hour of fast walking and a couple of Power Hours on the Treadmill. How on earth did I set the World 24hr Treadmill Record - let alone the 7 days! The hour today was at least a week long... talk about mindless!

What was once just an easy hour of running has become an Everest of a Challenge this week. I hope it all returns to me quickly as I am not keen on this stage really. It's like I have just started running all over again, only I am not 34 anymore...

I am going to carry on and see if it's any easier and keep the pressure on myself to perform. I think ULTRArace 100 will help at the weekend - let's hope eh?

More tomorrow...

Monday, 20 June 2011

Shout - Tears for Fears

When did all the SHOUTING start on TV? It's really starting to get on my nerves, that and the dumbing down of commentators explaining what I am seeing happen right in front of my eyes. It's just not necessary... just like the three idiots they have on BBC's Formula 1 coverage.

Unknown Bloke looks like someone who has never been more than 40 mph, David Coulthard looks like he's off to a Millet's fashion shoot and Eddie Jordan is just like an old spikey haired hand puppet. They'd be better with Ant and Dec! Might stop me dropping off on a Sunday afternoon as the racing is SO dull. In all honesty, Martin Brundle should do the whole programme on his own as he is far more knowledgeable AND entertaining IMO and doesn't shout!

Same goes for all the hangers-on at Wimbledon and all they really need is Blue Peter's Helen Skelton or Hazel Irvine (I am biased) and John McEnroe.

Jeremy Kyle, hardly shouts at all against some of the folk we allow into our lounges... I turn 'em down all the time or shout back! Oh dear, does that mean I am starting to act my age? It will be my reflection in shop windows next, you see!

Remote in hand and more tomorrow...

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Boys of Summer - Don Henley

Oh dear, Wimbledon starts this week and so does my first real week back in training... it's bound to be a wet one. The stats are that there are only five non-rainy fortnights at  Wimbledon in the last CENTURY! Oh dear, maybe this Friday's ULTRArace 100 is doomed to be wet as long as it remains inside Wet Wimbledon Fortnight...

I must say that I am looking forward to seeing the 85 or so athletes taking this one on. There's part of me that's really jealous too as I ran it myself back in 1996 right at the top of my running fitness. 22hrs 47mins for me on the old 103 mile Stratford Hilly 100 course... so not bad eh?

Now wouldn't it be good to be as fit as that once again... and my aim now is to be as close to that as I possbily can...

More tomorrow... from the grindstone!

Friday, 17 June 2011

Breakthru - Queen

Been a real breakthru today as I clocked in a Marathon training day with Sahara wannabe Adam Goldsmith. A great guy who I fund out has played guitar with Brian May...and on a Ronan Keating's album. Can't be bad eh? Who says Life is a Rollercoaster?

As usual on these days, we put the world to rights and concurred on our who's hot and who's not of TV Personalities, (poor old Lenny Henry and his £29 hotel rooms always gets a hammering) amongst other topics.

Anyway, I am back in the saddle and running again - never thought I would be at one stage and actually the legs feel great and I am more than happy that my month off has helped me recover and get a fresh look at my running again. Tomorrow, the Tandem is going to get an airing and Jenny Salter will be getting back to some exercise. Her week long Dormouse impersonation will also hopefully have helped her post Ireland recovery.

Anyway, as Freddie sang...

'Breakthrough these barriers of pain
Breakthrough to the sunshine from the rain'...

Quite apt in my case and more tomorrow...

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Bad - U2

Have you been the receiver of bad service recently... we have. Take it from us, don't buy ANYTHING from or hire a Motorhome from Motorholme, as both companies service is totally AWFUL. Both companies have great websites and the prices look great BUT when it comes to supplying the goods. Well they are rubbish. In fact in Motorholme's own words their service is 'Shambolic'.

It's like that in a lot of places it seems, even in Tesco today ordering Jenny's 100 or so pictures for The GBR all the guy did was point limply at an automatic processing machine nearby when we walked up to the counter. He didn't smile or really speak... what's going on?

We don't make anything in the UK any more all we are is a service industry, therefore you would imagine, customer service would be paramount. Anyone else had bad experiences? Do I need to call Watchdog?

More later...

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A small fruit song - Al Stewart

Back in 1976 we lived on a farm that grew fruit and vegetables. Proper ones, not the rubbish second grade stuff that the supermarkets provide on their shelves. In a day and age where most food is getting bigger and bigger, all the fresh stuff is getting smaller.

The apples in Sainsbury's today were more like marbles... they weren't even English and had more air-miles than calories AND weren't cheap. No wonder everyone is getting FAT. Eating rubbish food is far too easy AND it's cheaper.

How has it got this way?... It wasn't 1976 or 2011 it was somewhere in between... but when? Any ideas?

Monday, 13 June 2011

Summer Sun - Texas

I always find this time of year really frustrating as in just 10 days we will be past the Summer Solstice and heading towards Winter. And don't say that I am miserable as it's six months from/to Christmas... it's totally frightening how time flies...

Thinking about it, where has the last six months gone?

I must get out and enjoy the Summer... and see Sunny Britain at its best as Rainy Ireland last week, just didn't help.

Luckily for me I will be getting my first fix on Friday with an MdeS Training day to get my teeth into. Let's hope the forecast is good eh? It's pre-Wimbledon so the weather should be fine!

More tomorrow...

Sunday, 12 June 2011

After the War - Gary Moore

And RELAX! - We need to as 700 miles travelling in just two days is not a good idea when you've been on the road for a week on Jenny's World Record Breaking activities. Back in Breaston - all we can do is to try contemplate just what was achieved last week in Ireland.

I know Jenny hasn't got her head around it yet and she is concentrating more on maneuvering herself around the house. Maybe the enormity of 4 days and 23hrs running will soon start to sink in?

Maybe a week of rest will help...

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Mind Games - Foreigner

With just 101 miles to go - the countdown to the finish has started along with the mind games that she has to go thru to get this last part of the record in the bag. She's got 44.5 miles in today and we've set her 50 miles as a target to the next feed/sleep/massage/ sort out the monster blister in the pic break.

Anyone who has done this type of run will know that the 42-44 mile point seems to be a real wall to get thru and it's really easy to faff and waste valuable time. This part of the day is the hardest for her it seems.

It's our job now to keep Jenny's focus for her, as it's best for her to cover as much as she can in the daylight as darkness is her biggest threat to motivation.

We'll keep blogging just as long as she's running tonight so don't go anywhere... home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Half way to paradise - Bobby Vinton

We are waiting at just over the halfway point at Ballinamore. Courtesy of Martin Coaches we have uploaded pictures and are able to bring you bang up to date with Jenny's progress. At her last pit-stop at 26 miles she looked in great shape and says that the different trainer heights are combating her differing leg lengths and road camber issues.

This means a pain free run so far today for the Super Running Bunny.

There were a few foothills to overcome as we went over the border into Eire but all systems are go right now and she will be resting here for an hour and a half before resuming on the rest of today's mileage.

More when she gets here no doubt. home of Ireland's 9bar M2M Ultra.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

It's a kinda magic - Queen

Well would you believe it Jen's finished for the day and has 68.21 miles on her personal running clock. She's in amazing condition and we are really proud with her achievements of the day. We are just to the west of Longhill and due to an enormous act of kindness by local man, Martin Knox, we have power, Wi-fi, shower and electric hook up for the night.

Martin's even drying our clothes... now there's charity to complete strangers. People here are just SO friendly.

More pasta is now being consumed and Paul will work his magic afterwards until bedtime at 10pm.

A Great Day 1...

Until tomorrow...

Love is all around - Wet Wet Wet

Jen has just arrived into her second feed station of the day at the 52.4 mile point ‘According to our TomTom’ (ATT)… and she’s in great shape. A big bowl of tuna pasta lasted seconds and she is now taking a 30 minute sleep before Paul works on her so she can hit the road again at 5pm.
I can’t put into words how much it’s raining right now… but the best I can offer is that it’s pi55ing down AGAIN!!!
More later, when we hit the road again…

Start - The Jam

And She's off - straight into the rain of a Sunday morning. What happened to the heatwave eh? Mayor Michael Grant did the honours and it was all systems go at 5am exactly when she crossed the line to start this awesome adventure.

An hour in nearly and the hat and coat have gone and she is already 5.1 miles into the run...

More later - September's M2M Ultra details are on

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Eve of the War - Jeff Wayne

Well we’ve finally got to Malin Head and we are now ready to do ‘Battle with the Tarmac’ tomorrow at 5am. I must say that the drive from Dublin to Mailn seemed an awfully long way and full of very slow drivers in some cases, so much so that we actually called ‘Mr C’s Catering’ who was towing at a shockingly slow speed to ask just how far down the N2 he was going as we looked like never reaching Derry at one stage.

We are, of course, seasoned motorhome experts now and can empty, fill, charge, cook and heat most things aboard our mobile stately home. The Seaview Tavern however beckons for one last major fill up tonight before Jenny sets of tomorrow.

Luckily, local Mayor, Michael Grant has agreed to start her off and we’ll be there to film and photograph all the action as it happens… right now she is having one last body massage from Paul to get her in peak condition for tomorrow.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Sailing - Rod Stewart

Well all the training is done and the talking is over... we are in ARAF and ready to get aboard the Good Ship Stenna for a three hour crossing to Dublin. Sailing at 21.30hrs will see us into port in the early hours where we will have our first night on the Motorhome.

Talking of the Motorhome, owner Wayne, please don't worry as I know it's your first hire but we got here safe and sound without any problems. I must admit that it's like driving a Marquee, if that's a way of describing it.

Jenny's in great spirits and looking forward to 24hrs of doing nothing! 345 miles of running is not worth thinking about right now...

Anyway, ship ahoy and we're off in a couple of hours... more from Ireland

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Sweet Dreams (are made of this) - Eurythmics

It's great that people have dreams and goals to strive for. Everyday people contact ULTRArace and tell us about their running plans. So far this week, we have had a blind runner (yes blind) taking on our ULTRArace 100 event and somebody wanting to take on Andy Rivett's John o'Groats to Lands End Record of just over 9 days...

And that's just two of the many emails and calls we have taken.

It's AWESOME - and we are so lucky to be part of these aspirations...

Our own ULTRArace Superstar, Jenny Salter will be taking a step further towards her Ireland, End-to-End record dream tomorrow when (after she finally finishes packing) we set of for the Emerald Isle tomorrow evening. Are seven pairs of trainers enough?

Anyway, she is raring to go... I am raring to drive that motor home... more tomorrow. More dreams please - We LOVE 'em...

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Subsitute - Clout

I must say I am sad that my name-sake Rory Coleman, 'The Footballer' not me RC 'The Runner' as I see in Google that he has been let go by his club Scunthorpe United. Funny that as the Scunthorpe Website says that he has a 'BIG' future in the game. Add to that an end of season spell with Ilkeston Town and it's hardly been the big time for poor old Rory really. I have to care as there aren't many of us around you know.

I hope it doesn't mean that at just 20 years old his sporting career is over? Mine didn't start until I was 31... and at Rory's age I didn't have a clue what life was all about. My son George is 20 and trying to make it in the music business, would be a shame if someone said sorry we've got to let you go... he's just starting out...

Maybe I've got it right as RUNNING is for life you see - that's why it's so brilliant... and you don't have to go to Scunthorpe or Ilkeston to do it.

More tomorrow...