Monday, 20 June 2011

Shout - Tears for Fears

When did all the SHOUTING start on TV? It's really starting to get on my nerves, that and the dumbing down of commentators explaining what I am seeing happen right in front of my eyes. It's just not necessary... just like the three idiots they have on BBC's Formula 1 coverage.

Unknown Bloke looks like someone who has never been more than 40 mph, David Coulthard looks like he's off to a Millet's fashion shoot and Eddie Jordan is just like an old spikey haired hand puppet. They'd be better with Ant and Dec! Might stop me dropping off on a Sunday afternoon as the racing is SO dull. In all honesty, Martin Brundle should do the whole programme on his own as he is far more knowledgeable AND entertaining IMO and doesn't shout!

Same goes for all the hangers-on at Wimbledon and all they really need is Blue Peter's Helen Skelton or Hazel Irvine (I am biased) and John McEnroe.

Jeremy Kyle, hardly shouts at all against some of the folk we allow into our lounges... I turn 'em down all the time or shout back! Oh dear, does that mean I am starting to act my age? It will be my reflection in shop windows next, you see!

Remote in hand and more tomorrow...

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  1. I could not agree more Rory!!! Can I add to the list the media's love of telling us everything three times...
    "Extraordinary scenes today as people were seen wearing pink. Let's go over to our live reporter Suzie..."
    "Yes, I can report that there have been people here wearing pink. Extraordinary..."
    "Thank you Suzie, reporting there that people were seen wearing pink."


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