Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Days - Television

Two days into my new regime and I feel knackered.

I've done a couple of Tandem rides with 'The Duracell Jenny'  an hour of fast walking and a couple of Power Hours on the Treadmill. How on earth did I set the World 24hr Treadmill Record - let alone the 7 days! The hour today was at least a week long... talk about mindless!

What was once just an easy hour of running has become an Everest of a Challenge this week. I hope it all returns to me quickly as I am not keen on this stage really. It's like I have just started running all over again, only I am not 34 anymore...

I am going to carry on and see if it's any easier and keep the pressure on myself to perform. I think ULTRArace 100 will help at the weekend - let's hope eh?

More tomorrow...

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