Sunday, 19 June 2011

Boys of Summer - Don Henley

Oh dear, Wimbledon starts this week and so does my first real week back in training... it's bound to be a wet one. The stats are that there are only five non-rainy fortnights at  Wimbledon in the last CENTURY! Oh dear, maybe this Friday's ULTRArace 100 is doomed to be wet as long as it remains inside Wet Wimbledon Fortnight...

I must say that I am looking forward to seeing the 85 or so athletes taking this one on. There's part of me that's really jealous too as I ran it myself back in 1996 right at the top of my running fitness. 22hrs 47mins for me on the old 103 mile Stratford Hilly 100 course... so not bad eh?

Now wouldn't it be good to be as fit as that once again... and my aim now is to be as close to that as I possbily can...

More tomorrow... from the grindstone!

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