Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Show me the Way - Peter Frampton

The good old Derby and Sandiacre Canal Society needs a boot up the backside! Apart from being over £59M short of their £60M target to open 25 miles of the old canal and towpath to the likes of you and me, they aren't making the most of getting us out using it right now... which must be important for it's future development IMO.

Take tonight for instance, Jenny and me on the Tandem using their path on a lovely summer's evening only at every junction, there are now low kerbstones! And if you are a tandem user this is doubly bad as you both have to dismount, move the bike and mount again every few metres. It's really annoying... and not good at all.

Maybe, they just want the canal and the people who want to use the path aren't part of the plan. It's a real shame.

We'll be using another route next time.

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