Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Bad - U2

Have you been the receiver of bad service recently... we have. Take it from us, don't buy ANYTHING from or hire a Motorhome from Motorholme, as both companies service is totally AWFUL. Both companies have great websites and the prices look great BUT when it comes to supplying the goods. Well they are rubbish. In fact in Motorholme's own words their service is 'Shambolic'.

It's like that in a lot of places it seems, even in Tesco today ordering Jenny's 100 or so pictures for The GBR all the guy did was point limply at an automatic processing machine nearby when we walked up to the counter. He didn't smile or really speak... what's going on?

We don't make anything in the UK any more all we are is a service industry, therefore you would imagine, customer service would be paramount. Anyone else had bad experiences? Do I need to call Watchdog?

More later...

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