Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Subsitute - Clout

I must say I am sad that my name-sake Rory Coleman, 'The Footballer' not me RC 'The Runner' as I see in Google that he has been let go by his club Scunthorpe United. Funny that as the Scunthorpe Website says that he has a 'BIG' future in the game. Add to that an end of season spell with Ilkeston Town and it's hardly been the big time for poor old Rory really. I have to care as there aren't many of us around you know.

I hope it doesn't mean that at just 20 years old his sporting career is over? Mine didn't start until I was 31... and at Rory's age I didn't have a clue what life was all about. My son George is 20 and trying to make it in the music business, would be a shame if someone said sorry we've got to let you go... he's just starting out...

Maybe I've got it right as RUNNING is for life you see - that's why it's so brilliant... and you don't have to go to Scunthorpe or Ilkeston to do it.

More tomorrow...

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