Monday, 30 January 2012

Happy Working Song - Disney

Well, today we hear that office workers who spend long days at their desks are doubling their risk of depression, according to a new study. British researchers found that those who spend more than 55 hours a week in the office are 50 per cent more likely to suffer from depression according to the very reliable and informative survey featured in the magnificent Marie Claire Magazine.

Ground breaking stuff eh, and not really news to you or me as we know that, 'All work and no play makes us all very dull people'...

I wonder how many of the people surveyed did any exercise at all and how many of the 113hrs they had left each week were used running a few miles to de-stress.

Might be worth looking into rather than handing out loads of happy-pills?

Friday, 27 January 2012

Brenda Song - Seventeen

Well we can all sleep well tonight knowing that The One Direction tour has just finished, and now it looks as though Harry Styles' controversial relationship with Caroline Flack is over too. Phew...

Is this really 'Headline News?'...

The lads only 17, the girl is 32 and we all knew it wouldn't last for more than the PR of the tour - but worryingly enough it's the TOP headline of the day beating that other newsworthy topic Katie Price be a few column inches.

Whatever next?

Then again, Murray got beat in the Tennis... RBS are getting a kicking over the £963k bonus oh and we are in for a cold snap. So there's nothing new there...

Makes Mark Owen reaching 40 look almost interesting...

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Distance - Toxic Federation

We've got Ian J Berry with us today and tomorrow running 62 miles each day in preparation for this year's Jogle ULTRA.

It's an interesting transition for Ian to go from sub 2:45 marathon man to running over 60 miles a day for 16 days...

It was a real tester today as Cardiff threw it's worst at him, and me for just 26.2 miles on some very testing roads and pavements out as far as the Rhonda.

Ian did a good 62 miles in the end and his approach to the race has been completely transformed in just 26 days from being in a junk-mile fog to now having a more focused, conditioned approach to undertaking the UK's toughest footrace.

Just have to get his ACS sorted out...

Nice one Ian - same again tomorrow.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

London Calling - The Clash

Well we've been out on the 'New' Tribesport London ULTRA course today looking at the first 11 miles - between Grove Park and the old start at Streatham Common. The new section is SO different to the subsequent bits that follow and the Capital Ring signs are 100% reliable so if you are worried about getting lost - well you won't 'cos you can't. As we didn't once...

I must say that Cardiff-London-Cardiff was a long day out and tonight we have Ian J Berry, one of this year's JOGLE ULTRA runners with us for a couple of 60 milers over the next couple of days... it's non-stop in our house!!!

We'll keep you posted on his progress...

Monday, 23 January 2012

Speed - East 17

Well it's been day one of my new training regime which started with eight reps of Toton Hill in Nottingham. It was a tough old session I can tell you BUT I was really pleased by the reps which were consistent and 30 seconds faster on the ups. Maybe I wasn't pushing it hard enough but it has made a good start to my 'Need for speed' as I felt like I'd pushed it...

Yesterday's ULTRArace.45 has really empowered me and although I felt totally knackered today - there was no way that I was going to back out of 'That Bl%dy Hill'. Jenny will be so proud of me...

More than ever, EVERYONE needs coaching and pushing INCLUDING ME, so there's no excuse really!!!

I'll need to as the runners yesterday preparing for the GUCR145 looked really useful... the days when I finished Third back in 1998 look long gone... a Top 20 will be a good result, if I get my ar5e into gear... must get Jenny on my case - she takes no prisoners!!!

More tomorrow...

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Weekender - Flowered-Up

It's been a great weekend at ULTRArace 45... and I've been really enthused by seeing the super-fit speed merchants as they just powered by at the CP's and into the finishes on both days.

It makes me realise that I run at a very slow medium pace and in fact need to up my game and try a lot, lot harder.

Time for change me thinks...

More tomorrow from Speedworld...

Friday, 20 January 2012

Red Light - David Nail

Well it's back to my pet hate today and my old friend Traffic Lights and in particular 'THE BL%DY RED TRAFFIC LIGHTS', and when I am made Prime Minister - they are being made obsolete and will be NO MORE. I promise and that's a good enough reason to make me PM I'd say.

The first automatic experimental traffic lights in England were deployed in Wolverhampton in 1927 and that's where they should have stayed as today in Milton Keynes, Northampton and Loughborough it was pure hell.

Not the best start for our ULTRArace 45 BUT tomorrow there's not too many on our route...

More about the race tomorrow...

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Why? - Lily Allen

I have written a lot here recently about 'WHY' I run and what my aspirations are... What is becoming more and more evident to me, is the growing number of people who seem to be trapped in an 'exercise bubble' where they just keep on with the same endless gym, run & bike routines. I can remember when I started on this running lark and that I was more about achieveing things rather than worrying that if I didn't exercise that I would go back to my old drinking, unfit days, it was a lot of fun when I first started running...

Of course, I know that will never happen now after all these years but I know for some folk that exercise has become a burden to their everyday life and that's a real shame.

Today, it was anything but a burden as Super-Salter and I attacked Llanedeyrn Road Hill with gusto for 6 of our 8 reps until again of course it pi55ed down for the last 2!!! It did make me feel fabulous though and a days running was over in just under 45 mins. Giving us time to get ready for the trip to Tring for ULTRArace 45. Those hills really make you feel alive!

It might be worth sometimes thinking out of the box as this is a sport we all love, that we need to be in control of, not one that control's us....

See you tomorrow at Northampton perhaps.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Enter Sandman - Metallica

I wonder what will be written on our headstones... mine will say that I ran lots in Deserts I suppose. Today was no exception other than it was the famous 'Welsh Desert of Merthyr Mawr'. Was it earth scorchingly hot and dry as the driest sand you've ever seen? Nah... this is Wales and it was just tipping down making the sand more of a mud if I was being honest. Talk about sodden!!!

It was still bloody hard, even Desert Girl, handicapped by at least 4kgs more pack-weight more than mine was blowing like a good one thru' the deep sand that had been churned up by the local Warhorse (good film btw if you like a cross between Black Beauty and Saving Private Ryan, there was a few lumpy throat moments I can tell you).

Anyway, today, it feels like I am on my way to writing more more of my own personal pages of history and when the day of glory finally comes, I can say that I did and I tried as hard as I could... what's your epitaph?

Monday, 16 January 2012

Keep on Running - The Spencer Davis Group

No doubt I will be banging on about my fast arriving 50th birthday next month... and what did come to me today was that here I am at 50 years of age and am able to go out and run injury free and in complete comfort - when I know that there are so many folk of comparable age that can't.

I am very lucky indeed? I won't tell you that it's easy and I fade in comparison to Jenny on the amount of miles and sheer speed of my running BUT for a middle-aged bloke, I'm in pretty good shape.

When you look around, it's easy to see complacency to exercise and food, especially down here in Wales where we are told there is a 50% Adult obesity rate. I know that I want to keep in shape for as long as possible, especially as I head into my next decade and keep running my marathons for as long as I can.

Let's see if tomorrow's run is just as exciting...

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple

I saw that cigarettes are now £7.33 for a pack of 20... that's quite a price to kill yourself really [and yes thanks Mum (77 today btw) as you will say that ex-smokers are the worst, but I will continue] and going on the average of the 14-a-day habit, @0.37p a fag makes it a £5.18 daily expense or a massive £1890.70 per year, if my 'C' in O Level maths is right.

Now, there are 10 million smokers in the UK which means as a nation we spend £189,070,000,000 on the little devils!!! It's mind blowing... or it blew mine anyway. Sir Walter Raleigh has a lot to answer for... in his defence he did bring the potato back so I can thank him for my favourite Roasties but I wonder what he would have thought of the £189 gazillion year business that he created.

The only people profiting are the Government of course as it receives £10bn of the loot to pay for the £5bn people who are suffering from Smoking related diseases costs the NHS...

Makes you wonder eh? Might be better to spend the money on getting people to give up in the first place? We do have £5bn to spend on the ads!!!

More later... oh and if you want to quit just email me

Saturday, 14 January 2012

History Repeating - Shirley Bassey

I was asking daughter Pearl (6) what she was doing in her lessons... and there wasn't too much about the Romans, Saxons and Vikings. What I did realise is that even when you have learned of the Roman Invasion of Britain etc.... King Knut and Boudicea that the only person who ever uses this information is Tony Robinson and his bloody Time Team.

Why do we spend so much of our School time worrying about 1066, 1485 and 1642 when in fact 2012 is far more of a concern.

To some folks horror, there's no need to parrot off the major events of history or know anything really as Google has the answer to all known questions it seems. The local Pub Quiz and Times Crossword has never been so easy!

Makes you wonder why we actually ever needed to know anything apart from the act of having to be able to learn... or maybe what the national curriculum decided.... makes you think eh?

More tomorrow...

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Someone is watching me - Rockwell

Someone must have been putting Miracle-Gro on my eyebrows as they are out-of-control... Jenny pointed out one hair in my left eye-brow that was longer than any hair on my head! What's going on?

Pulling it out was a most painful experience, my word you girls have it tough!!! How do you do all that plucking, pencilling and even tattooing?

Anyway, I must say it was the toughest thing I did today as I am plainly knackered from last weeks running and this weeks travelling... makes you wonder how I will cope with the training for my old favourite The GUCR145 and a potential UTMB later in the year...

Maybe a taste of my own medicine will point me in the right direction and it's time to get some miles in before our UR45 weekend. Hopefully we will see you there eh?

More tomorrow... and thanks for the 'Waldorf and Statler' on my blog comment Brucie - here's to a few more last mile whoopings by me bird!!! :-)

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Unbelievable - EMF

It's been an amazing few days training new people coming into ULTRA-marathon running. I've had a future GB runner I believe and rekindled some life into others who thought their see by dates had long past them and yet were found to be coasting and could go even better than before...

Coaching really is amazing right now with my clients. It's great to produce a change in people and  proves they are quite happy sitting in their comfort zones. Attitude and belief make for 90% of ones achievements... look at my Jenny at how well she is now doing with some coaching - she has incredible raw running strength and adding some positive coaching and we have a much improved performances. AND she'll achieve much more - just watch her.

That could be you too... come and have a go if you think your NOT hard enough!!! :-))) Email me

Friday, 6 January 2012

Achilles Last Stand - Led Zeppelin

Where was I in the 70's? As I seem to miss out on 'The Mighty Zeppelin' and their particular brand of Heavy Prog Rock... I was more of a Genesis, Pink Floyd and Yes, Gay Boy really...

Anyway 'The Zeps' and 'Guns and Roses Ladyboys' are currently picking up my pace as I am now a few days into my New Year of Running. It's not easy and after running hard yesterday today's hill session with Jenny was a very tough session up a very long hill in Llanederyn... (easier to run though than pronounce or spell though I hasten to add). 8 of them and I felt knackered!

The weekend? More of the same and I might blow the dust off some Deep Purple and Jethro Tull albums as I am sure there's a lot of good tempo running pomp rock to pick the pace up to.

More then...

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Happy Birthday - Altered Images

I'm 18 today (yes I know I'm 49)... That's 18 years 'booze free' - a 6,573 day ultra-marathon of sobriety and in my case and one that I intend to keep running till the end of my mortal days. Now that's a huge personal challenge to live up to and a big self promise to make - but I have made that promise and I KNOW it's one that matters a tremendous amount to me...

Back in 1994, when I started my abstinence, it wasn't for life, it was just to see if I could do it for a few days or possibly a few weeks. After a few days I felt better and I knew that it was something that I couldn't do a 'U-Turn' on... and I am so glad that I haven't. It's been a long journey.

Do I still go out? Yes Do I have a good time? Yes - but then I drive home... It has made me a bit of an Alcohol bore if I am being honest and I do see lots of other people who are in the same place as I was and if they ask me, I help them out... there are far too many Wine 'One Bottle-a-Dayers' out there, and they are playing with fire I believe... I know!

What I also know is that I am 1 day away from being back at sqaure one... and thats something I can't let happen, so I will continue and will be looking forward to being 19 next year in January, God willing.

Now I'll drink to that (Milkshake in my case) and if you are worried by what you drink, please feel free to email me, there's lots of help out there.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Promise - Arcadia

How are the New Years' Resolutions going? Has the lure of 'B&H' or 'Sav Blanc' beckoned? Are you already back in your old ways of 2011? Has the Diet gone to Fat?

It's only day 4 of 2012 and I bet most of any promises made have already hit the wayside as it's too darn easy to give up when the going gets tough especially with a cold January ahead.

Thinking about it, January must be the hardest time to make huge changes to our behavioural processes. Who thought this one up eh?

The hardest part of all is that six week hiatus, the one that stops us committing ourselves to the simple task of giving something up (especially fags I found). I will talk more of abstinence tomorrow but for now, I'd like to know what changes you are making in 2012 and how it's going so far...

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Dark Side of the Moon - The Mighty Pink Floyd

Well Hello, and a Happy New Year to all of our 'Blog' followers... hopefully the Christmas period has been good for you and it hasn't rained as much as it has in old ARAFtown where you are... We got to the stage that all we wanted was a 'DRY Christmas'. Need I say more...

ANYWAY, over the break the news or lack of it interested me. A cat was reported found after 4 years of being lost was shown on the MSN website yesterday, groundbreaking eh? and one that really caught my eye which was the the U.S. space agency NASA saying that two unmanned spacecraft are now orbiting the moon as part of a mission to measure lunar gravity and investigate how the moon evolved. NASA said the second GRAIL spacecraft on January 1 joined the first GRAIL probe, which went into lunar orbit the day before.

The twin GRAIL probes - GRAIL being short for 'Gravity Recovery And Interior Laboratory' - arrived near the moon after launching from earth in September and making a 3.5-month flight, costing a mere £469m to discover an insight into how the moon was formed and what the moon’s interior may resemble.

The two probes are planned to fly above the moon and, using measuring instruments, map the moon’s uneven gravitational fields. Scientists say the mission should provide more information about the mountainous far side of the moon that doesn’t face earth, and also test a hypothesis that earth once had two moons that collided and formed one.

What a ridiculous waste of money!!!

Now I am no Astromoner but the Moon's core is rock and there's bugger all on the other side of the moon, (ask Roger Waters) and who cares if we ever had two moons... now can we have the £469m retured as we need to buy another box of fireworks for the Olympics...oh don't get me started. What was Seb thinking...

Happy New Year Folks and my New Year's resolution is to be just as grumpy as last year... hopefully I am right on course.

More tomorrow...