Thursday, 19 January 2012

Why? - Lily Allen

I have written a lot here recently about 'WHY' I run and what my aspirations are... What is becoming more and more evident to me, is the growing number of people who seem to be trapped in an 'exercise bubble' where they just keep on with the same endless gym, run & bike routines. I can remember when I started on this running lark and that I was more about achieveing things rather than worrying that if I didn't exercise that I would go back to my old drinking, unfit days, it was a lot of fun when I first started running...

Of course, I know that will never happen now after all these years but I know for some folk that exercise has become a burden to their everyday life and that's a real shame.

Today, it was anything but a burden as Super-Salter and I attacked Llanedeyrn Road Hill with gusto for 6 of our 8 reps until again of course it pi55ed down for the last 2!!! It did make me feel fabulous though and a days running was over in just under 45 mins. Giving us time to get ready for the trip to Tring for ULTRArace 45. Those hills really make you feel alive!

It might be worth sometimes thinking out of the box as this is a sport we all love, that we need to be in control of, not one that control's us....

See you tomorrow at Northampton perhaps.

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