Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Dark Side of the Moon - The Mighty Pink Floyd

Well Hello, and a Happy New Year to all of our 'Blog' followers... hopefully the Christmas period has been good for you and it hasn't rained as much as it has in old ARAFtown where you are... We got to the stage that all we wanted was a 'DRY Christmas'. Need I say more...

ANYWAY, over the break the news or lack of it interested me. A cat was reported found after 4 years of being lost was shown on the MSN website yesterday, groundbreaking eh? and one that really caught my eye which was the the U.S. space agency NASA saying that two unmanned spacecraft are now orbiting the moon as part of a mission to measure lunar gravity and investigate how the moon evolved. NASA said the second GRAIL spacecraft on January 1 joined the first GRAIL probe, which went into lunar orbit the day before.

The twin GRAIL probes - GRAIL being short for 'Gravity Recovery And Interior Laboratory' - arrived near the moon after launching from earth in September and making a 3.5-month flight, costing a mere £469m to discover an insight into how the moon was formed and what the moon’s interior may resemble.

The two probes are planned to fly above the moon and, using measuring instruments, map the moon’s uneven gravitational fields. Scientists say the mission should provide more information about the mountainous far side of the moon that doesn’t face earth, and also test a hypothesis that earth once had two moons that collided and formed one.

What a ridiculous waste of money!!!

Now I am no Astromoner but the Moon's core is rock and there's bugger all on the other side of the moon, (ask Roger Waters) and who cares if we ever had two moons... now can we have the £469m retured as we need to buy another box of fireworks for the Olympics...oh don't get me started. What was Seb thinking...

Happy New Year Folks and my New Year's resolution is to be just as grumpy as last year... hopefully I am right on course.

More tomorrow...

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