Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Enter Sandman - Metallica

I wonder what will be written on our headstones... mine will say that I ran lots in Deserts I suppose. Today was no exception other than it was the famous 'Welsh Desert of Merthyr Mawr'. Was it earth scorchingly hot and dry as the driest sand you've ever seen? Nah... this is Wales and it was just tipping down making the sand more of a mud if I was being honest. Talk about sodden!!!

It was still bloody hard, even Desert Girl, handicapped by at least 4kgs more pack-weight more than mine was blowing like a good one thru' the deep sand that had been churned up by the local Warhorse (good film btw if you like a cross between Black Beauty and Saving Private Ryan, there was a few lumpy throat moments I can tell you).

Anyway, today, it feels like I am on my way to writing more more of my own personal pages of history and when the day of glory finally comes, I can say that I did and I tried as hard as I could... what's your epitaph?

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