Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Unbelievable - EMF

It's been an amazing few days training new people coming into ULTRA-marathon running. I've had a future GB runner I believe and rekindled some life into others who thought their see by dates had long past them and yet were found to be coasting and could go even better than before...

Coaching really is amazing right now with my clients. It's great to produce a change in people and  proves they are quite happy sitting in their comfort zones. Attitude and belief make for 90% of ones achievements... look at my Jenny at how well she is now doing with some coaching - she has incredible raw running strength and adding some positive coaching and we have a much improved performances. AND she'll achieve much more - just watch her.

That could be you too... come and have a go if you think your NOT hard enough!!! :-))) Email me rory@ultrarace.co.uk

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