Thursday, 26 January 2012

Distance - Toxic Federation

We've got Ian J Berry with us today and tomorrow running 62 miles each day in preparation for this year's Jogle ULTRA.

It's an interesting transition for Ian to go from sub 2:45 marathon man to running over 60 miles a day for 16 days...

It was a real tester today as Cardiff threw it's worst at him, and me for just 26.2 miles on some very testing roads and pavements out as far as the Rhonda.

Ian did a good 62 miles in the end and his approach to the race has been completely transformed in just 26 days from being in a junk-mile fog to now having a more focused, conditioned approach to undertaking the UK's toughest footrace.

Just have to get his ACS sorted out...

Nice one Ian - same again tomorrow.

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