Saturday, 14 January 2012

History Repeating - Shirley Bassey

I was asking daughter Pearl (6) what she was doing in her lessons... and there wasn't too much about the Romans, Saxons and Vikings. What I did realise is that even when you have learned of the Roman Invasion of Britain etc.... King Knut and Boudicea that the only person who ever uses this information is Tony Robinson and his bloody Time Team.

Why do we spend so much of our School time worrying about 1066, 1485 and 1642 when in fact 2012 is far more of a concern.

To some folks horror, there's no need to parrot off the major events of history or know anything really as Google has the answer to all known questions it seems. The local Pub Quiz and Times Crossword has never been so easy!

Makes you wonder why we actually ever needed to know anything apart from the act of having to be able to learn... or maybe what the national curriculum decided.... makes you think eh?

More tomorrow...

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