Monday, 23 January 2012

Speed - East 17

Well it's been day one of my new training regime which started with eight reps of Toton Hill in Nottingham. It was a tough old session I can tell you BUT I was really pleased by the reps which were consistent and 30 seconds faster on the ups. Maybe I wasn't pushing it hard enough but it has made a good start to my 'Need for speed' as I felt like I'd pushed it...

Yesterday's ULTRArace.45 has really empowered me and although I felt totally knackered today - there was no way that I was going to back out of 'That Bl%dy Hill'. Jenny will be so proud of me...

More than ever, EVERYONE needs coaching and pushing INCLUDING ME, so there's no excuse really!!!

I'll need to as the runners yesterday preparing for the GUCR145 looked really useful... the days when I finished Third back in 1998 look long gone... a Top 20 will be a good result, if I get my ar5e into gear... must get Jenny on my case - she takes no prisoners!!!

More tomorrow...

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