Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Someone is watching me - Rockwell

Someone must have been putting Miracle-Gro on my eyebrows as they are out-of-control... Jenny pointed out one hair in my left eye-brow that was longer than any hair on my head! What's going on?

Pulling it out was a most painful experience, my word you girls have it tough!!! How do you do all that plucking, pencilling and even tattooing?

Anyway, I must say it was the toughest thing I did today as I am plainly knackered from last weeks running and this weeks travelling... makes you wonder how I will cope with the training for my old favourite The GUCR145 and a potential UTMB later in the year...

Maybe a taste of my own medicine will point me in the right direction and it's time to get some miles in before our UR45 weekend. Hopefully we will see you there eh?

More tomorrow... and thanks for the 'Waldorf and Statler' on my blog comment Brucie - here's to a few more last mile whoopings by me bird!!! :-)

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