Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Promise - Arcadia

How are the New Years' Resolutions going? Has the lure of 'B&H' or 'Sav Blanc' beckoned? Are you already back in your old ways of 2011? Has the Diet gone to Fat?

It's only day 4 of 2012 and I bet most of any promises made have already hit the wayside as it's too darn easy to give up when the going gets tough especially with a cold January ahead.

Thinking about it, January must be the hardest time to make huge changes to our behavioural processes. Who thought this one up eh?

The hardest part of all is that six week hiatus, the one that stops us committing ourselves to the simple task of giving something up (especially fags I found). I will talk more of abstinence tomorrow but for now, I'd like to know what changes you are making in 2012 and how it's going so far...

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