Friday, 17 June 2011

Breakthru - Queen

Been a real breakthru today as I clocked in a Marathon training day with Sahara wannabe Adam Goldsmith. A great guy who I fund out has played guitar with Brian May...and on a Ronan Keating's album. Can't be bad eh? Who says Life is a Rollercoaster?

As usual on these days, we put the world to rights and concurred on our who's hot and who's not of TV Personalities, (poor old Lenny Henry and his £29 hotel rooms always gets a hammering) amongst other topics.

Anyway, I am back in the saddle and running again - never thought I would be at one stage and actually the legs feel great and I am more than happy that my month off has helped me recover and get a fresh look at my running again. Tomorrow, the Tandem is going to get an airing and Jenny Salter will be getting back to some exercise. Her week long Dormouse impersonation will also hopefully have helped her post Ireland recovery.

Anyway, as Freddie sang...

'Breakthrough these barriers of pain
Breakthrough to the sunshine from the rain'...

Quite apt in my case and more tomorrow...

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