Saturday, 9 October 2010

I can hear your heartbeat - Chris Rea

Jen says... Well we're nearly at David Miles' house where the weekend begins. I felt guilty enough about Rory doing all the checkpoints as it was, but after I was considerably waylaid at the hairdressers (people were beginning to mistake me for Worzel Gummidge), I got home to find the food shopping done, sandwiches made and a hot bubble bath and coffee waiting. Isn't he a saint?!

It made me think - our first outing was doing the first JOGLE Tester last year. How time flies when you're having fun:-)

So this weekend, I feel quite humbled by Rory's post and I am still not sure how to play it. His advice makes perfect sense, particularly in light of my injuries this year, but I know how frustrated I get running v slowly. My current line of thought is run at 70%HRM, which is way slower than I would naturally run at and faster than Rory would recommend, so a compromise, and just not even look at speed (but reckon should work out about 6mph). Then maybe pick it up or slow it down on Sunday depending on how my legs are feeling. Any thoughts?!

I'm also gonna give our minute portable solar charger a go this weekend to keep my iPhone and GPS fully charged. It looks perfect for the MdS so I'll let you know how it fairs.

On a final note, a massive thanks to Rory for putting up with my stubborn defiance for his very sensible advice. I feel a whole lot more confident about having a bash at this knowing he's going to be there looking after us all... 

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