Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Living for the Weekend - Hard Fi

Jen says... this is a pick of me running up and down the steps of the Cardiff Millennium Stadium at the weekend - I did enjoy it honest...

My feet seem to be gradually improving with the new treatment - probably need a few more days before the full effects... they should be royally put to the test this weekend - a double 47-miler training weekend for my M2M attempt next year. Yeouch! I am finally listening to the expert and doing some training at 70% HRM which is KILLING me! Still, did 10 miles yesterday and an hour today and my legs feel fresher than ever - think the calf guards are helping too.

Quick one today as we haven't finished before 9/10pm in some time so I'm determined to watch some League of Gentlemen or 24 this evening:-))

One final note, does anyone know of anybody/company that could build an all-singing and dancing human hamster wheel???!!! More to follow on this one...;-)

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