Thursday, 7 October 2010

Metallica - Nothing Else Matters

Rory says:- I am speaking more and more to people about how they go about changing their lives and behavioural habits... and it's an absolutely fascinating process to witness and be part of. As an outsider it's most humbling to be taken into people's hearts and minds and learn the real them, the real personal one, warts and all.

The best part is when you see folk leave this 'person' or 'state' behind and set off on a journey of discovery where they can find the real person they really WANT to be.

I remember back to 1994 when I undertook the same leap of faith... I had looked at the clip of Metallica playing Nothing Else Matters at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert in 1992, a special moment in time for me... a moment where life changed, a moment where life began and a moment where the old Me was left behind... dead and buried. A frightening and yet exhilarating moment where I saved myself. Ok it took me two years to get out of the shit but I did in January '94 and I am still here, strong and so alive!

If I could bottle it, I would give it to everyone that came to me wanting to change as it would be an easy fix for them.

If you are reading and looking for that fix, contact me as I would love to be part of your journey...

More tomorrow... and strange fact is that I sang with Metallica in 1991 at the NEC...funny how they play a part in my salvation eh?

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