Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Running up that Hill - Kate Bush

Rory says - I can't say that I have ever set out to run 40 minutes or so up and down a hill but did so today as part of my new heart rate training along with Coach Salter and MdeS 2011 sign up, Lou Brockman.

I have run up Toton Hill hundreds of times and driven it a hundred more but today's session showed me just how ill this hill can make you feel in a very short period of time. Not knowing how many times you are going up the hill doesn't help but the thought of being overtaken is worse and that's what drove me on over the last few of the 10 run-ups that we did. After two I was f***ed  I can tell you... but I wasn't going to let on to the girls!

 It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be actually and I have to admit that I am hard to train and am really and much more comfortable 'telling' than being 'told' what to do!

 So, thoughts are that...
·         This is working
·         I must stick at it
·         Running harder will pay off. 

Easy when you say it quickly... thank God there are no more hills till next week!

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  1. 'I was f***ed I can tell you... but I wasn't going to let on to the girls!'

    LOL...Top man Rory!


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