Monday, 4 October 2010

Taio Cruz - Dynamite

It felt like dynamite yesterday as I got the biggest perverbial boot up the backside I have had in some time and it took me ages to get off to sleep following yesterday's Mablethorpe Marathon. And on a sunny day here in the East Midlands it was easy to go out and stretch the old legs in the warm early autumn sunshine.

The best part was 'conkering' with Pearl... this is an age old tradition of mine that all of my children have enjoyed or is that endured and we collected no-end off one of the biggest Horse Chestnuts in Breaston, only to go and plant them our flower tubs hoping for some germination before next spring.

Somehow the thought of planting mental seeds and aligning life and training to the propagation seems quite apt right now. I am back jogging tomorrow and starting the process of focussing on Rotherham... now there's a thought and more tomorrow...

I am off to fill in my 12 week macrocycle!

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