Sunday, 31 October 2010

Simply The Best - Tina Turner

I vowed I would never use that song as it sends shivers down my spine every time I hear it - about 10 years ago my sister Helen and myself were on a girly 1-week holiday in Cyprus when the group we had latched onto took us into an old people's convention where they were having a karaoke night and, you guessed it, we were dragged on stage to sing and groove along to it... my sister took on the task with grace and style, I was simply mortified!

ANYWAY, it fits the bill perfectly... ULTRArace.Peaks, the title speaks for itself, but this is going to be one of our classics I can feel it. Rory and I had been sat at home studying the length and breadth of the UK on OS Maps for the best part of a day when Rory had one of his moments of pure genius - the Peak District via the High Peaks and Tissington Trails and then the Bonnie Prince Charles Way finishing at our local and very friendly Fitness First.

Our tandem was simply awesome, beautiful views, fantastic weather - we were like a couple of over-excited school kids by the end of the day:-)) You are in for a TREAT with this one (oh, and did I mention the overall elevation profile is downhill all the way)... details will be on our website in a couple of weeks' time.

Hope you all had a great weekend... Oh, and a big congrats to Libby O'Duffy for coming 9th in her race category at Snowdonia in 3:53 - awesome run with no training!

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  1. Sounds like a great race you've got planned there Jen. Will look forward to it - so long as we don't have to do a karaoke at the finish line.... :-)


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