Friday, 15 October 2010

Subhumans - Motorway

It felt subhuman as we took ages to get back from Devon today. The beach at Saunton Sands was an amazing place to be last night and I took a midnight stroll along the beach to take stock and think about life. I think it was a result of reliving my last 17 years in a pre-dinner talk to the Devon Association of Primary Headteachers.

It's all goes a bit weird when I relive it you see... anyway... I am over it now and I have already climbed a few mountains today and am thinking about the 50 mile Round Rotherham tomorrow... I hope that I can run all 50 miles of it and get the time I am looking for.

We'll see eh? I do know that I wont be heading off down the beach tonight as it's early to bed and 100 miles to the nearest...

More tomorrow...

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