Saturday, 30 October 2010

The Power - Snap

Well what can I say about today's factfinding mission on the trail out in the Derbyshire Peaks apart from IT'S F***ING AMAZING! We cycled the first 20 miles of the 40 miler today on a fabulous Tandem. An off-roader and a bit of a first for me as it's quite an usual pursuit. Jenny had been on one before and I made sure of course that I got the business end with the brakes, gears and slightly easier ride if I am honest as the person on the back gets all the gears but has no idea of how much the front person is doing.

We hit 25mph on some of the inclined planes and the route is just fantastic with views to die for... no doubt my poor butt is going to ache like hell tomorrow but who cares as this was just one of those days...

More tomorrow and from our next race recce...


  1. Just love the mental picture this portrays Rory - LOL :-) What are you planning in the peak district then or is it a big surprise? :-)

  2. Hi Richard, it's right up your street and it's a 40 miler...we today's update!


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