Sunday, 3 October 2010

Emma's Imagination - Focus

What a truly remarkable day and one I will remember for some time I am sure for a number of reasons. Now for those of you that know me, you will know just how much I detest running in the rain. So how on earth did I ever get to the Mablethorpe Marathon this morning, considering the last 24hrs of torrential rain. It would have been far too easy to stay in bed orto have turned round when I had a flat tyre on the way but somehow I was driven on against all the odds to get my sorry butt to the start line. (BTW - I even forgot my race number and only lined up with a couple of minutes in hand) Everything pointed at this being a 5hr nightmare for yours truly.

But right from the start, it just went like a dream... it's probably the best, most awful marathon I have ever done. Best because of my 3hrs 41mins 04seconds time and worst because of the rain (obviously) and a very ordinary marathon along deserted country roads that just went on and on in the middle of nowhere. Not that I am moaning, it just wasn't the most inspirational of Marathons. But who cares, it's my quickest marathon for 11 years and 15th fastest ever. I am so pleased. And at 6.30pm I am still wearing my Booster Socks... they were ace!

It's an amzing feeling, especially as I nearlt didn't do it. What today has taught me is that even after 660 marathons, it's all down to training (thanks to Coach Salter) and mental approach to taking oneself to the limits of human endurance. I certainly learned a lot today and can improve on where I am right now, I'm sure of that.

And if you have preconceptions about something, dismiss them as you never know what might just go your way... its a remarkableday for me today.

Watch this space... I am going to try even harder, so bring it on...

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  1. I focussed all year on one race, the Berlin marathon last Sunday. All my pre-race visualisation consisted of effortless runs in glorious sunshine. The reality was a freezing downpour. I got to the startline with only ten minutes to spare and already soaked and it all looked a bit bleak but I settled into a nice rhythm, enjoyed the puddles (lakes, some of them) and beat my PB by nearly two minutes. I HATE running in rain too, but it doesn't actually seem to make you go more slowly...


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