Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Bad Manners - Lip up Fatty

What has happened to modern day standards eh? I have really started to notice recently how many people walk along and yawn... wide open mouthed without even covering their mouths. It's happening EVERYWHERE!

It must be a consequence of the mobile phone where we exist in our own personal bubble and think that no-one else can see us. That's the only answer that makes seems to make sense. But there are other things that worry me too...

As you know, I went to Liverpool on the train recently and a woman opposite me unpacked a complete continental breakfast including bio-yogurt topping for her muesli cereal in a bowl to which she added her milk. Following this, she brushed her hair and did her make-up ready for the day. Can anyone tell me which year this became the norm for behaviour in public? It can't be healthy can it?

Is it that I am just getting old and am starting to become that grumpy old man I said I wouldn't ever be - or do I just find other people bloody annoying sometimes!

Hmmm... I will think on about my own behaviour perhaps but in the meantime watch out for 'The Yawners' they are EVERYWHERE...

More tomorrow...

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