Saturday, 23 October 2010

We are the Champions - Queen

Jen says... What a fantastic day! I don't think I have ever enjoyed a marathon so much - Beachy Head ROCKS! Thanks to Linda for the place... today it was time to slow down a little, make sure Rory got his course PB - sub-5hrs - and enjoy the ride. And boy what a ride it was - perfect weather and just the best route ever. It all went really well, no issues with time at any point around the route as we got some time in the bag early on and kept pushing. We ended up doing 4:43 - easy-peasy - 4:30 next year!!

It's the first time I have had FUN doing a marathon, perhaps ever... I learnt a very big lesson today - I thought a marathon wasn't worth doing and wouldn't be enjoyable unless it culminated in a PB. I was very wrong - slowing down not only stopped those niggling injuries rearing their ugly head and therefore gave me a huge boost in confidence, but also meant I could have fun, chat to others running around and lap up the stunning scenery. Rory would have got his course PB without me there, but I think we both enjoyed the experience more running it together. So if you're feeling a bit negative about your running, try running with a companion around a marathon course - it gives you just as much pleasure as running it for yourself...

Oh, and of course a huge CONGRATS to Rory on yet another PB this year...

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