Thursday, 21 October 2010

We are Family - Sister Sledge

I am a very proud Personal Trainer today as the Family I am training have collectively lost 9lbs in their  first week. This is an amazing achievement and I feel very lucky indeed to be taken into their family unit to work with them on reaching their goal. They are really easy to coach as they are such lovely people and really wanting to make a change to their lives. My daily update is something that I look forward to as it gives me an insight into what has happened with them that day.

It's a mini soap opera and this one is going to have a fantastic happy ending, I can feel it.

Families are normally a place where there's tension and conflict between it's members... it's wonderful to see them working together on this. It has a Dunkirk or Marathon des Sables feeling to it. One of those times where you will look back and cherish the time and remember the effort that had to be put in.

I am sure that many families could undertake this challenge and please contact me if you want to change your families life... or will do the trick...

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