Saturday, 9 October 2010

The Waiting Room - Genesis

Rory says:- Actually there wasn't a great deal of waiting today as without Jenny helping out at the runners' checkpoints like she did earlier on in the year, there wasn't much time to rest or catch up with my work as I had planned to do. I did have words with Miss Salter after a couple of miles as the Red Mist had partially descended and the sweat was starting to flow. However, she did manage to get into the easy Ultra-Rhythm that I hoped she would discover for the rest of the day and ran an easy 48 miles. Everyone today ran just fine and easy, even David Miles who had come back on an insane and perverse 9bar JOGLE Ultra refresher course! And boy did he enjoy it! The top-up will hopefully get him back into ULTRA-running top gear.

Me, well I did get a kip in mid-afternoon post Flapjack and Pot Noodle frenzy and will have to run a few miles tomorrow in a bid to control my waistline...

Ah well, it's another 47 miles tomorrow and that should sort out any questions as to whether multiday Ultras or in fact the 9bar JOGLE Ultra is there for the taking.

The 5am get up and start at 6am will be the hardest part of the day, that and getting around Shrewsbury, I predict. They were shit with the maps today!

More tomorrow...

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