Friday, 8 October 2010

On the road again - Canned Heat

We hit the road again tonight with our travel up to Preston for one of our JOGLE/M2M tester runs over the weekend. Tomorrow's 46.9 miles from Preston to Tarporley and Sunday's 46.6 miles from Tarporley to Church Stretton will soon sort out where people are right now in their training and what they need to do to get them in the right place both mentally and physically for their events next year.

Each day is 600 metres up and 500 metres down so it's quite hilly too.
On my part, I will watch on with interest to see how Jenny copes with the distance over both days. We already know she is an amazing athlete capable of running 40 miles in 5hrs 19mins on the track on a single day's run but how will the two consecutive days go for her. With my coaching head on I would prefer her to run very steadily for both days and remain uninjured and have a good 20 hours of running in her legs over the weekend for her big run next year. We both have such strong opinions so it will be most interesting to see how she gets on this space. Remember she is very determined and has only 'Full Steam Ahead' on her personal internal speed setting and this is further than she has ever covered over two days.

This is a hard one to call and outside my thoughts on ULTRA-running, but who am I to say as I am now following her train at speed regime and am reaping the rewards... Hey, if I am wrong, I will hold my hands up! Who knows!

That's the beauty of this sport and working with athletes who are far more talented than yourself you see.

Maybe - It's easy to limit yourself in such a situation and then impose those limits onto someone else. So I am going to be observe her approach to the weekend and learn...

It's going to be fascinating... and also a good chance to meet Torkel Skogman from Sweden who has come over to run and see our old JOGLE mate, David Miles who is coming out for a trip down the A49 memory lane tomorrow.

More later... and good luck Jenny...

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