Friday, 29 October 2010

Mungo Jerry - Pushbike Song

Rory says:- I am really looking forward to getting out on the trail tomorrow on a Tandem Bike! I did a lot of cycling towards the end of last year and enjoyed it immensely... hopefully with another pair of legs to help us along (Jen's) we will be able to get some good speed up on the hills on our new ULTRArace.Peak event course.

We will be walking the inclined planes at Middleton Top  as they are just too darn steep but the miles of long down hills will be a pure joy to cycle I hope...

I am thinking about running part of this bugger of a course on Sunday but will see what's left of my backside tomorrow. It's Friday night now and I'm knackered after a long old week in the PT saddle. It's still only a week after the Beachy Head so no wonder it's still taking it toll.

Anyway... tomorrow is another day... tring tring!

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