Saturday, 2 October 2010

Open Your Mind - Illuminati Symbolism

Well, I have to face the facts - Compression Socks WORK... whether it's physical or a psychological thing, who cares as my legs were hurty little devils after yesterday's Power Hour and after the previous couple of days 'Hours', they weren't.

That's enough research for me... and tomorrow I will run my 661st marathon at Mablethrope, to give the Booster Socks a 42195 metre road-test.

Actually, it's been a test for me today as Jenny is away competing in Cardiff at 'The Survival of the Fittest' and I have used today as a rest and an opportunity to catch up and Carboload. I feel like a total lazy lump! My experience tells me that by 8 miles tomorrow, I will be feeling a lot better and warmed up, although I hope the torrential rain forecast is more than a slight turnoff I can tell you.

Having never been to Mablethorpe I hope I am in for a nice surprise and will Race Report here tomorrow. Picture says it all eh?

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