Thursday, 14 October 2010

Talk Talk - Talk Talk

A most interesting day where I was able to tell my story to the Devon Association of Primary their annual conference in one of my old haunts, Saunton Sands. I spent many a summer down here and many an hour in a pub enjoying far to many beers in the past, so it was quite a turn-a-round to lecture folk on fitness and improving their ways of life. Staying at the Saunton Sands Hotel all those years ago was a much different experience... how life changes in 20 years eh? My life values are TOTALLY different...

The 'teachers were most receptive and I really enjoyed the fitness tests we did in the afternoon where many of them shared their life histories and where some shared their dreams with me. I really hope they reach their goals...

Being able to then speak to them about my journey, was a real privilege and gave me the opportunity to learn about my public speaking delivery technique and hone it for my next engagement.

I must say I really enjoy it! I hope they did too... more tomorrow.

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