Thursday, 28 October 2010

Hot Hot Hot - Arrow

Jen says... this week I feel ULTRArace has jumped leaps and bounds. Race entries are flooding in now, with our Entry King, Andy Chapman, submitting 6 race entries today - and he's in good shape for competing for the title with his new speed spurt - keep it up Andy!

Our ULTRAstore is already in need of replenishing... and we haven't even gone live yet! I get a real kick out of helping people get their equipment just right, and using our years of trying and testing things out to make other people's lives so much more comfortable. I am still getting to grips with having to take money from our lovely customers for the kit but we unfortunately have to make a living out of this too... if I win the lottery I'll offer everyone some freebies :-)

Hills yesterday weren't a barrel of laughs, especially after some pretty full-on intervals on Monday amongst other training - on the seventh one I nearly blew! Still, I pulled my finger out and finished the set of 10 so hopefully all is on track for a decent time at my track marathon next weekend. Fingers crossed.

A massive good luck to Maria Zubizarreta who is running at the Dublin Cross-Country Championships in Ireland whilst I am chasing 100+ laps of a track. I'm sure your run will be more painful but at least it will be much shorter lived!

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