Sunday, 10 October 2010

Substitute - Clout

Rory says:- It's been a long weekend of running mostly along the A49 from Preston to Dorrington near Church Stretton. We all enjoyed our time on the road and I even did 10 miles myself in the latter stages enjoying my time with Torkel Skogman who had flown in from Sweden just to get some 9bar JOGLE Ultra practice in.

Boy can he run too... I was at my marathon pace to keep up with him and he had already clocked up 80 miles. I was only too glad I hadn't run those with him too. Nice run though and a good tempo run for my Rotherham preparations.

I must say I felt great at being back on the road and I especially loved the idea of us running this under the radar of public normality.

What do I mean?

Well for instance, we stopped in a hotel in Chester last night full of boozed up party revellers whose only remit was to get hammered last night... we were early to bed and early up into a very peaceful City Centre and ran out in the dark without fuss or noise or having to have had 10 pints to make up think we enjoyed ourselves... they were only getting up probably as we were well past 20 miles...

Out on the road, no-one will have known what we were doing except that we were out running...

ULTRA running will hopefully gain in popularity (and maybe we will be partly responsible for that)...

Now there's a thought?

More tomorrow...

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