Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snowbound - Genesis

Only right with the weather that we are enjoying/loathing right now. It has made me think back to my winters' past. I can't remember 1963 but my mother told me yesterday that she didn't leave the house for two weeks and that there was no water or central heating!

I do remember the late 60's when our school playground was frozen over for weeks on end and we all became great at sliding on the ice. I used to run and then slide for miles on my slickened Clarks Commandos Shoes... boy they were fast and totally polished on the sole.

Then I am not quite to sure what happened... too many sunspots or warm summers came and went and hardly a snowflake fell until 1985 and then 2000. Maybe we are in for one of those winters followed by one long hot summer - yes please. I am living with a 166cm Blue Icicle that barely comes out of gloves to thaw out.

So for that reason alone bring on the Sun! For those of us still wanting to slide on playgrounds at 48 years of age - Let it Snow and Freeze over!

Now where are those Clarks Commandos?

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