Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Secret Affair - Time for Action

Rory says:- We've been talking lots in the ULTRArace office this week about events that we want to do over the next couple of years. Yes the yearly sabbatical to Morocco will still be there but our hit-list is growing ever wider afield it seems.

We are getting to the level where the training is starting to pay off and I might, I say might have a go at the Spartathlon! It's about time eh? I should have done it when I was 34 as I stood a chance then... now... well we'll see...

Yes there are great races here that are on the horizon and Beachy Head is set in stone, after our great run there this year and we both want to do Snowdon. My 50th birthday is in February 2012 so I am looking for something special then. My 49th will be in Apeldoorn, Holland for 6th Feb 2011.

My real focus will be a 6 day or 24hr track... I am just plucking up courage. What's your special race? I forgot Davos already!

Watch this space...

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