Saturday, 6 November 2010

The Winner Takes It All - ABBA

Jen says:- I had decided yesterday not to blog about racing today as I didn't want to tempt fate... just read the blog Rory wrote yesterday and see he wrote about it anyway:-) As it turns out I had a great run today, I felt really strong up to about 2:15 and just pushed myself around the rest. It was a track race so it was all very friendly and sociable. Thanks to David Bayley for all his hard work that went into organising it...

I managed a new PB which I'm pretty pleased with given I haven't been able to get up to more than 30m/week 'cos of injuries, etc. 3:13:24... and a trophy too! I might just get that application in for a London Championship place...

Unfortunately my feet aren't feeling as elated as I am as you can see from the photo. Beginning to wonder if anything will ever cure my manky feet! Ah well, that's not a worry for today.

A big congrats to Rory too as he managed to (officially) knock 16 minutes off his anticipated 4 hours and probably another 5 at least unofficially as he did at least 5 extra laps! All good training I suppose!

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