Wednesday, 17 November 2010

John Miles - Slow Down

I think Jenny will have to hide my shoes at this rate... as I am officially the worst patient EVER! Worst of all is that I know I am and that she is fighting a losing battle trying getting me to slow down. She's doing a sterling job really and is not remarking too often at my strange 'list to port' that my back has given me. I really HATE being ill...

That said... it's been a good day. I haven't strayed far of course as I have been a busy boy catching up on all those horror jobs, I set to one side.

The pain management is coing via a cocktail of drugs that would stop a charging elephant in it's tracks and would be worth a few quid on the streets of Nottingham I'm sure. Nevertheless, I could play football as well as England are tonight on my own without a Zimmerframe... shameful is a word that comes to mind when I think of being proud to represent your country at a sport AND get paid bucketloads to do so. What a bunch of No-Hopers...

Anyway, more tomorrow from a less sickbed I hope and I will be talking about the 'Rise of the ULTRA-marathon'... now where are my footie boots it's nearly half-time in the match and I might be called on to liven up the second half... 'Nurse, Boots and more Drugs please, I'm on!'

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