Monday, 8 November 2010

Armed and Ready - MSG

It's time to take stock from the weekends marathon and use the run as a positive base to perform from in the future. Luton awaits on December 5th and the work I do between now and then will hopefully pay off as I go hell for leather on my training.

It will be one based on a higher mileage mixed with shed loads of hills. I already know that my performances have improved with the hill reps that I have been doing and I will be increasing this type of training LOTS. The gym work I did yesterday, even though fatigued thru the marathon, has shown me that I am getting stronger. My fat % is not increasing yet my weight is, so it looks like I have been running a little too lean previously.

To help the mileage I have an MdeS day tomorrow... the rain hasn't made that much of a prospect if I'm being honest...

More tomorrow...

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