Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Verve - Lucky Man

Been out bashing another MdeS wannabe around the Breaston Beast today...it was wet, muddy, hilly and a made a bit harder following nearly four hours of track running only three days ago. Does make me fell lucky that I can do this, not only as a job but actually be ABLE to do this, especially as I have beaten my body into the ground so many times over the years.

You see it's not a bad experience... it's really refreshing and there are always new things to see and today's candidate Phil was most interesting as he owns a Print Management Company... my old job in the 90's. Talking to him reminded me of all the passion and technical information that this role demanded in me and just how important it seemed at the time and unimportant it really was looking back. Years of ladder climbing, buying, negotiating and on the job learning! Can't say I miss that... I did have a nice BMW328 though :-).

I s'pose that and other projects I have worked on have helped me to where I am now... You never know all those marathons might help me one day!

More tomorrow... my legs are aching...

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