Saturday, 6 November 2010

Everything Counts - Depeche Mode

As the great Dave Gahan once said 'It's a competitive world - Everything counts in large amounts'... and plenty of this was done today. Muggins without watch or Garmin was completely buggered really as I did 105 laps of the Enigma Track Marathon in Milton Keynes.

Race Organiser, Dave Bayley did a great job really and a big kitchen clock at the start/finish of each lap would have helped no end. I did run bloody hard all the way on this baby and my 3.44 time is an alright reflection of my effort.

What the race did have was a great atmosphere and lapping and being lapped by others was most uplifting. Seeing Jenny get a new PB was just glorious to witness. Shows all that hill training is starting to work eh? My next offensive is Luton where I know that a three lap 26.2 awaits and I can get closer to the 3.30 mark...

More tomorrow as the old legs are now f**ked!

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