Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Sun always shines on TV - a-ha

What on earth is going on with our weather?... The Christmas Lights are going up around the countries towns and cities, I am walking around in short sleeves in the mornings 14 degrees C and a rain jacket in the afternoon dodging puddles from a massive mid winter rain storm.

For the record... it's November 3rd! Not mid Summer or Winter...

Can we have the frosty dark and miserably cold days we used to have please? You knew where you stood when Christmas was in December and the sun shone in July and August. Not this funny old stuff we are having atm.

Our school playground froze over for a month in November once and we used to wear hats and scarves INSIDE our house just to keep warm when we were kids. You knew where you stood back then. It's all going to pot! A report today mentions that we are all getting fatter because we don't have manual jobs... I think it's just down to are too many choices, too many people offering options.

Coffee isn't coffee any more... it's a million combinations... a cue of five or six at Starbucks can last a lifetime, it drives me mad! What happened to waitresses? Take in, Take out? Shot, No shot? Milk, no Milk - Choccobollocofrapperknobocano's Grande Bloody Latte... it's all too much.

Make a note - Keep things simple! That goes for the weather please as it's just got far too out of hand recently. Now where's my Maxwell House? I need some simple Caffiene...

More tomorrow...

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