Monday, 1 November 2010

Something for Nothing - Rush

It's been a funny old day and I now know I am getting to the age when I can stand back and have a good moan at what goes on around me. My expectations of others are getting lower and lower... how do I know this? Well just look at today and what we pay our rates and taxes for... this morning the bin man came at around midday and I had to take out the bin out so they can load it without wheeling it from the side of our house ... not like the old days when they came and got it from 'round the back' oh and it's every two weeks, so everything goes really rotten and smelly. There's no milkman and the postman turned up at 15:45 this afternoon as he lives 'four doors away and it's not his round and he's only doing it as a favour'... or so he says... oh and it was junk mail!

What IS going on?

Today, we were told that 'Heroin is not as bad as Alcohol... well they are both as bad as each other if you ask me... unless you are celebrating sensibly or in long term pain and need Opiate based drugs, which are then good for you. Why did anyone commission that survey?

Our days are becoming more and more Hi-Vized I am afraid... it seems we are just out for what we can get and trying not to get blamed for anything we do that's wrong. Where's the value in that? Stand fast for what you believe in, is what I say... and have the proud values of the days when there were two post deliveries a day... a milkman that delivered at 5am and when we didn't need surveys to tell us what's good and not good as we knew it for ourselves and valued the opinions of those around us.

More tomorrow... gets off soap box...

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