Sunday, 21 November 2010

The Number of the Beast - Iron Maiden

What better way of clocking up my 666th Marathon and 170th Ultra-Marathon by bashing in 45 miles on Likeys Brecons Ultra. Two laps of a pretty ferocious part of the Brecons including part of our Cardiff ULTRA course around Talybont Reservoir was the backbone of this event.

Considering my back problems of the week I was surprised how I got into my ULTRA race pace and caught up with my good friend Blamires just before the halfway point. I worked hard with him and Matt Dawson for the second brutal lap around Fan-y-Big in the fog and the darkness of a rainy evening in wintry Wales. My God it was bleak....I felt really lucky to be in my group as on one's own it would have been quite a scary old second loop.

We were very happy to finish, I can tell you and I hope everyone got back safely on this one...

Legs today are grand and back to training this week... Looks like 666 worked out just fine for me in the end eh?!


  1. Nice one Rory. Sounds like a bit of a trek for the second loop though! Well done. 700th in 2011?

  2. You are right Rory it was quite scary on the second loop on my own especial when the fog was thick; which was most of the time.


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